Promotional Flyers

Brochures and Sales Tools

A promotional flyer is ideal for focusing on new or sale products and services. It is also ideal for highlighting the benefits of doing business with you. The idea is for customers to quickly find the information they are looking for. The layout should be easy to navigate so a buying decision can be made quickly. We are all busy right? The flyers I design have a clean and simple look while highlighting your brand. Your existing or potential new customers will enjoy the easy-to-use layout.

These are photographs of printed publications that I have managed and designed. Please contact me if you would like to see an example of interior pages. Due to industry information not available to the public, the interior page examples cannot be shown here.

Jaco Spa Flyers

Jaco Spa is a distributor of Professional Spa and Beauty products located in Florida. The target market is beauty professionals and spa owners. This is a 12+ page bimonthly publication that is mailed and used by sales staff when visiting existing and potential customers. It provides sale items along with some product knowledge for higher priced items.

Royal Beauty Flyers

Royal Beauty Supply is a division of Paramount Beauty (from magazines), a large distributor of professional hair, nail and skincare products based in NYC and New Jersey. Royal represents the physical store locations for customers that prefer point of sale purchases instead of being visited by sales staff. These publications were part of a complete re-branding project to provide a more consistent look with all promotional communications. These flyers are a 30+ page monthly publication that is mailed and displayed in the store locations. A team of graphic designers and proofreaders were involved in this project. I was in an art director role, since I was involved in the design of some pages and provided design vision required by the client for others in the team.

Parmount Runway Show Flyer design

This is an example of an education event brochure designed for Paramount Beauty, Royal Beauty and Para2Beauty. These are divisions of a large distributor of professional hair, nail and skincare products based in NYC and New Jersey. The main flyer was 8 pages and was mailed to customers. It contained the education events with descriptions, instructions to obtain tickets and venue details. Tickets, signs and event program with a consistent look were included as part of this package.

The Style Garage sale flyers

The Style Garage is a small distributor of Professional Beauty products based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The target market is beauty professionals like hair stylists and cosmetologists. This is a small 4 page bimonthly piece created to stay within the marketing budget. It was utilized by the sales staff and also displayed in the physical stores.

Aerial monthly flyers

Aerial was a large distributor of professional hair, nail and skincare products based in the Midwest. Unfortunately, they were purchased by a national corporate distributor. Because of this, my choice was growing my own business while assisting smaller ventures in obtaining success and a unique selling point. Aerial used multiple channels to market their products to Beauty Professionals- physical stores, e-commerce and internal/external sales representatives. Because of the highly organized sales and marketing structure, there were many monthly promotional publications that equaled ongoing sales growth. I was responsible for designing all store division publications. The first of these was a monthly 12 + page flyer called Aerial Trends. In addition to this publication, I created store pricing signs and posters to reflect the season or highlight a great promotion. There was also a one week sale flyer and one day sale flyer that was created monthly. In addition there were many other pieces created to support the store division like Shear Sharpening Days.

Aerial Style Hub flyer

Style Hub was a piece created for the internal sales staff at Aerial. This was mailed and used as a tool for inside sales. This publication was an 8 page monthly publication I put together along with regular Aerial publications. An artist was commissioned to provide hand drawn characters the each had their own personality. These characters were used throughout the piece for to increase awareness of products that fit certain target markets.

Celebrate De Pere flyer and promotion package

Celebrate De Pere Memorial Day Festival is a yearly musical event in Wisconsin that donates the proceeds to local charities with the main focus of supporting American veterans. The marketing items I design for this event include a trifold brochure, admission tickets, sponsor passes and thank you card.