Long Documents

Catalogs and Books

Yes, there is still a place for printed catalogs. They are great tools used in conjunction with other advertising mediums. The goal for a catalog is to let your customers know of all items that you keep in stock. It should be easy to navigate and the layout should be designed so it can be easily updated. The frequency of printing is based on the demand of your customers. It could be yearly, quarterly or bimonthly.

Although most catalogs will not have room for many creative graphics, they require high attention to detail and very good organizational skills. These are skills that I have (sometimes to a fault) and enjoy implementing in a long document project such as a catalog.

These are photographs of printed publications that I have managed and designed. Please contact us if you would like to see an example of interior pages. Due to industry information not available to the public, the interior page examples cannot be shown here.

JacoSpa Catalog

Jaco Spa is a distributor of Professional Spa and Beauty products located in Florida. The target market is beauty professionals and spa owners. I designed and managed the entire project for this 162 page catalog together. Like most large projects, it was a team effort between other designers, proofreaders and the client. The client provided the image sources and a list of products to include with pricing. Product information was also included to provide a brief description of each item. All sections were color coded to increase ensure they were easily located by quickly flipping through pages. The software used to create the document automatically generated a very nice index at the end, which removes the chance of possible errors when creating this manually. These were mailed to customers, handed out by sales staff and a PDF was posted on their website.