Branding, Identity

A simple, unique and memorable logo is an important marketing tool for your brand or product. Logo creation is one of my favorite projects. It is exciting to listen to clients and create an image that portrays the "personality" of the organization or product it represents. A high quality logo provides an amazing first impression to your customers.

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Education Advantage Logo

Education Advantage is an education management organization partnering with various Salon Professional Haircare brands in pursuit of providing quality educational support for their customers. They are located in in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. What is the most desirable letter grade in education? A! Which is why this is the prominent letter in the logo. Blue was selected to symbolize wisdom and green was chosen to symbolize growth.

iBeauthentic Logo

iBeauthentic LLC provides e-commerce, customer service and graphic design solutions for the Professional Beauty Industry. This logo was created for a new business start-up in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The colors were made to help the reader see the words "i beauti" separated out at the client's request.

The Style Garage Logo

The Style Garage is a distributor of Professional Beauty Products. This logo was created for a new business start-up located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The name is derived from the fact that they are located in an old refurbished car dealership garage with a brick exterior, which is reflected in the look of the logo. The word "Style" is in pink with a stylized font to represent the beauty industry.

Paramount Beauty Logo

Paramount Beauty has specialized in the distribution of professional hair, nail and skincare products for more than 50 years. This logo was created as a re-branding package for this NYC based company. The style was created to represent simple sophistication while the colors represent energy on the edge. The second logo was created for a division that focuses on another demographic.

Sweet Annie's Jewelry Logo

Sweet Annie's Jewelry creates custom specialty boutique jewelry. The artist is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The stylized "S" in the background is a great icon that is used for product tags and other branding applications. The purple color symbolizes the luxury of owning a custom one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

Shear Appetite Logo

Shear Appetite was a website that sold professional salon quality haircutting shears. The red represents energy and passion of a stylist using these tools every day. This was a niche site focused on the most used tool of the beauty industry. It was eventually combined with another website and removed as a stand alone brand for one stop shopping convenience.

Studio 3 Logo

Studio 3 is a subscription software created for salon owners and stylists to use for managing appointments and business. The goal of the software is to help these professionals maximize profits by managing time efficiently along with access to other industry specific benefits. The purple color was chosen to represent the independence associated with staying organized with business tasks.

Jersey's Logo

Jersey's was an Italian Grill & Pub that opened in a Wisconsin college town. Unfortunately they are no longer in business, but this is great representation of how a simple logo used in a sign application, can stand out nicely on a crowded city block.

Dabble Logo

Dabble LLC is a photography company located in Wisconsin. This logo was not used by the company but it is one of my favorites. The yellow color represents happiness, which is the typical emotion of an event where a photographer is needed. It also is an example of a logo that is simple, while identifying what a company does.