Branding Packages


A professionally designed brand identity isn't just a logo. To establish the ideal brand identity, you will need tools to confidently present your business with the best first impression possible. A consistent look and feel throughout a branding package allows you to position your company in the desired marketplace. Below are some packages I have put together for current clients. In response to a common problem encountered with preprinted letterhead (someone else printing an email after you put letterhead in the tray), most of these were created to be used as a word document template that are printed on demand.

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Education Advantage Branding

Education Advantage is an education management organization partnering with various Salon Professional Haircare brands in pursuit of providing quality educational support for their customers. These pieces were designed to complement the logo I created for this client.

iBeauthentic Branding

iBeauthentic LLC provides e-commerce, customer service and graphic design solutions for the Professional Beauty Industry. Included are only two pieces that fit the needs of this client. They are a parent company with divisions that use their own brand identity to correspond with their customers.

The Style Garage Branding

The Style Garage is a distributor of Professional Beauty Products. These pieces were designed to complement the logo I created for this client. A Thank You card box and bag stuffer was included with this package. Please remember to thank your customers, especially during certain times of the year:)

Premier Beauty Branding

Premier Beauty is a Chicago based distributor of Professional Beauty products. I modernized their existing logo and assisting in putting together a complete re-branding package. Again, a Thank You card was included in this package and all pieces have a similar look and feel.

Concierge Branding Package

L'Oréal is obviously a well established brand. These items were created to be used by their Concierge Service based in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. This is an example of keeping the integrity of an existing brand while creating something to be included in the operation of your business.